Facebook Timeline Changes Debut in New Zealand


If you heard some Facebook users talking in early December about how they noticed changes to their Timeline and wondered what they heck they were talking about…the good news is you won’t have to wonder much longer.

It’s already Wednesday in New Zealand (Facebook is known for rolling out service updates on Wednesdays)…and Facebook users there got a taste of some new features on their Timelines that include a row of new options at the top of the page, below your picture, as well as the removal of the “Maps” and thumbnail images.

Facebook users will likely see the change take place on their Timeline’s as it becomes Wednesday around the world.


Photo Credit: Mashable

Another new feature is the “Collections Manager” which let’s you sort and move around content in the top of your Timeline and in the right hand column.


Photo Credit: Mashable

As with any Facebook change…the new options were met with a mixed bag of reactions from New Zealanders…some love the new customization options and others hate them.

What are your thoughts? Are you excited about the option to customize your Timeline…or do you just wish Facebook would leave things alone?


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  1. By the time I get around to customizing it, they’ll implement another change. People are so quick to complain about FB, but no one is forcing them to use it!

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