Facebook Announces Personal Promoted Posts

Today Facebook announced that users will have the option to promote their personal posts to friends by paying a fee.

Of course, much like with any big change Facebook makes, this news has been met with both praise and criticism.

Fans of the new personal promoted posts say that the service makes sense because when you want to share a very important update with all your friends, this will ensure that they see it.

However, those critical of the new service say it’s not really worth the investment, since having your friends see all of your updates on Facebook used to come without a price tag.

What do you think? Do you say Yay! or Nay! to the new Personal Promoted Posts on Facebook?


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1 Comment to “Facebook Announces Personal Promoted Posts”
  1. I say Nay, Facebook your right what is free won’t be. I like that they try to keep us social connected but I wouldn’t pay for this new service.

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