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And We Thought the $1 Messages Were Bad on Facebook…


Remember when we told you about Facebook’s new plan for extra revenue…unsolicited messages to your “Other” box from people who do not follow you at the low, low cost of only $1 per message sent?

Well, it would seem that those messages weren’t the only revenue stream Facebook had in mind. If you’d like to message Mark Zuckerberg’s “Other” box, that will cost you (or anyone interested) $100.

Facebook Charges to Message Mark Zuckerberg

Photo Credit: Mashable

It seems that messaging Zuck is worth that extra $99 to FB for some reason.

After the $1 Messages were originally announced in December, Facebook did say that they would be “testing” various things about them (including price point) in the months to come. So maybe that’s all this is, who knows?

Either way, we’re still not sure how we feel about these paid messages.

What about you? Would you pay $100 with the hope that Mark Zuckerberg might read your message?

Do you think it’s worth it?


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1 Comment to “And We Thought the $1 Messages Were Bad on Facebook…”
  1. I doubt it’ll be him replying to them.. LOL.. I wouldn’t send him a msg even if it was free…. LOL

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